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  • Prime Hereford Steaks

    St Waves Seafood & Steaks is proud to offer shoppers in the Rodanthe, Waves and Salvo area choice cut steaks using Hereford Beef.


    Our Hereford are richly marbled and packed with flavor. This hearty cut is perfect for the steak lovers at your table!


    Great for grilling, our Sirloin provides steakhouse flavor at a reasonable price, with the consistent quality provided by dry-aging and from Hereford steers.


    Often called a Filet Mignon, our completely trimmed Hereford Tenderloin Steaks are simply the most tender steaks you can buy.

    NY Strips

    The New York Strip one of the best combinations of both tenderness and flavor, as well as one of our favorite steaks.

  • Italian Sausage

    The full-bodied flavor of our succulent and juicy fresh Italian sausage will make your meal times an absolute delight.


    By offering Black Angus Ground Beef, St Waves Seafood & Steaks is providing its customers the best available ground beef in all of Rodanthe, Waves & Salvo.

    Beef Kabobs

    Skewered cubes of angus beef marinated and prepared with fresh veggies stacked in between


    Smoked low and slow, you will end up with a plate full of goodness.


Where Quality is Always Your Best Value

Attention all seafood & steak lovers, if you are looking for an array of spectacular seafood stop by St Waves Seafood & Steaks. We are a locally owned and operated business that has built a reputation, since 2007, for having the finest quality and greatest selection of seafood and steaks in the tri village area of Salvo, Rodanthe & Waves.

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